Feel at home in your body!

Everyone can easily learn to correct painful or limiting patterns to improve their quality of movement! Active people, from performers, to busy parents, survivors of stroke, to athletes, golfers and grandparents can improve their quality of life through small, relaxing movements that will release unnecessary tension and support their active lifestyles.

Habits, habits everywhere

In our lives and in our movement, tension, poor body organization and insufficient body awareness contribute to pain, injury, and limitation. Our movement habits are largely unconscious. In one sense this is good, since it allows us to focus on everything else in our lives. The drawback is that when we become tense or adopt poor habits, we are often unaware of it. We adjust to the chronic state and, over time, it feels normal. That’s how we end up with chronically tight or stiff muscles which we don’t know how to release.

“Feldenkrais is not just pushing muscles around. (It’s) changing things in the brain itself.” – Karl Pribram, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University.

The Feldenkrais Method is special because it gives your body and brain a chance to change the underlying usage patterns themselves, which allows you to develop better habits for everything you do. Instead of working directly on the muscles to release tension, the Feldenkrais Method® is designed to work neurologically, through direct experience, taking advantage of the innate intelligence of your brain to improve your movements in the best way possible. That is why this method is so widely applicable, helping a wide range of individuals, from active professionals, to those with chronic movement issues or injuries, to specialized performers and athletes.