Discovering Feldenkrais

I feel so fulfilled in my life as a movement educator because I have something practical to offer everyone who wants more ease, less pain and strain in their life.

But it wasn’t always that way.

Personal Transformation

Before I became a Feldenkrais Practitioner, I suffered from asthma as a child. On my road toward better health, movement helped my stamina. I was drawn toward a career as a performer. During a low point between gigs, I accepted a full time job as an office worker, where I injured myself more in three months than I ever had during my performing career as a dancer. My lower back went into spasm, I developed repetitive strain in my wrists, and I pulled both hamstrings by sitting improperly on my chair.

Fortunately, I enrolled in a professional training program to become a Feldenkrais Practitioner. In addition to improving myself, I now know how to address those common but serious challenges faced by so many people.

Transforming Lives

Far more than a simple recipe for improvement, this method has a depth and a variety which will keep you learning at your own pace, and improving skills to help you function seamlessly in all aspects of your life. I would love to share my enthusiasm for this method with you, by working together.

More Improvement Than I Expected

I find Feldenkrais to be a profound process with the potential to transform an individual’s health in ways which can surpass their expectations. During my four year professional training program, from which I graduated in 1997, my own movement habits began to unwind and change in ways which surprised me. Not only did I heal from my work-related office injuries, I began to trust my natural capacity to heal. I developed a wonderful new sense of how to do many familiar actions with less effort. I was surprised to find that my immune system seemed to improve, making it possible for me to recover from colds in about half the amount of time that it used to typically take. I even gained a greater sense of my own creativity and potential. Start your own journey today, and we can work together.

Jean Elvin Rocks Feldenkrais by Scott Mills, Ph.D.

A few weeks ago, my friend Bill invited me to a workshop led by Jean Elvin.  Now Bill is 75 years old and one of the most vital, healthy people I know so when he suggests something I take it seriously.  The workshop was an introduction to the Feldenkrais Method focusing on neck, arms and shoulders at City College and what a treat!” …read the full article here!