“My back is so much better. Jean worked miracles as usual. Just knowing how to stand and walk properly was a tremendous help. I have no pain at all now.”

– SR, loan officer, San Jose, CA

“People used to comment on my military-like posture, not realizing it was a limitation for me. Working with Jean has allowed me to experience movement in my spine that I hadn’t felt in years.”

– JD, financial consultant, Berkeley, CA

“As I lost a lot of weight, Jean knew exactly what I needed to feel more confident in my new body. I was able to free up my inner dancer without injury. It works!”

– Marcia Kimmell, Director, The Next Stage

“Since working with Jean, my transfers are easier. I know that if I get on the floor, I can get myself back up again. Plus, her lessons feel good!”

– GO, FI client, wheel chair user

“After Jean’s classes and session, I move with greater ease and flexibility. My mind clears and my programmers hunchback disappears. She’s the best practitioner I’ve ever met. Thank you, Jean!”

– S Yang, Stanford, California

“I just went through a series of five Feldenkrais treatments with Jean Elvin. Feldenkrais, as Wikipedia says, is “intended for those who wish to improve their movement repertoire (dancers, musicians, artists), as well as those wishing to reduce pain or limitations in movement…”

She is a Guild-Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, and I got a LOT out of my private sessions. Jean really tailored the treatments to my unique issues/goals, and we accomplished a lot, as far as enhanced range of movement and capabilities. She also teaches group sessions, mostly in the San Jose area, and I’m going to try a few of those next.

If you’re interested in Feldenkrais, Jean Elvin is excellent. Check her out!”

–Lucy K.

“I learned a lot about how to dance more deeply and to just trust my body to move more effortlessly”

– Rachel

“For example I have a chronic still neck. In one of the early classes we did a movement that encompassed the arms and shoulders, for several days thereafter I noticed that my neck was less stiff and my shoulders had an easier flow.”

–Mark C

“I felt much more flexible and my sciatic pain was much lessened. Walking around and up the hill after class, it did not hurt. I felt much looser, like my joints had been “oiled””

–Constance M.

“I felt a little empowered being able to accomplish a movement that was, to  me, intimidating.”

–Mark C.