“Feldenkrais is not just pushing muscles around. (It’s) changing things in the brain itself.” Karl Pribram, Professor Emeritus at Stanford

Change can happen in the blink of an eye

Each person who comes to me has a unique history, desires and goals. I am an expert at adapting movements for each person, so that no matter what movement limitations you feel or challenges you are encountering, we can start where you need to start. I will design /shape /create a series of individual lessons for you which will support your ability to function well. By working together, I will tailor these sessions to allow you to improve as quickly as you are ready to go — and as slowly as you need — to fully integrate this new information into a useful experience.

Improvement is cumulative – what you can expect

At your first appointment, I will ask you to share with me your situation and your goals for our work together, by briefly giving me some background. After that initial intake, the movement portion of the lesson(s) is largely nonverbal. I want you to be as comfortable as possible during your appointment, so please tell me if anything is uncomfortable. This makes it easier for you to relax and get the greatest benefit. I will ask you to notice how certain areas feel as I support your movements. Your most important activity during the session is to pay attention to the sensation of the action. It is best not to analyze the movement or judge whether it is ‘bad’ or ‘good.’ In Feldenkrais, we assume that all movement patterns are a result of coping with factors in life, and therefore a testament to your ability to adapt. As you begin to sense the status quo, it is likely that you will start adapting further and that you will recognize changes as they start to occur. This process becomes easier with experience. The learning and the benefits are cumulative.

Life can be easier than you think!

Anyone who is willing to spend a little time focusing on their movement habits with me is likely to find surprising ways in which they can feel better, starting almost immediately. When I work with clients, it’s gratifying to shine some awareness on those areas where tense or overworked muscles can start to unwind and relax, and where other areas can come into focus with new ability.

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