Feldenkrais work is the most sophisticated and effective method I have seen for the prevention and reversal of deterioration of function.

 — Margaret Mead, Anthropologist

If you develop skill, you don’t need will power

[IMAGE: understanding lifetime of habits]When I work with people individually, I help them discover the habits and holding patterns which contribute to stiffness, restriction, and pain. We can interrupt those patterns and introduce enjoyable movements which support greater freedom, better physical action, and produce less stress on your muscles and joints. Individual sessions are customized specifically to your needs, so you can progress quickly and easily and start feeling more at home in your body right away.

About Functional Integration

During Functional Integration (FI), the client rests, fully clothed, on a low table. The practitioner supports their movements, facilitating the learning of new patterns through skilled, gentle touch. These hands-on movement lessons are personally tailored to address the client’s individual needs. My clients include all ages, from children to the actively retired, computer users, performing artists and athletes, those with pre- or post-surgery integration needs, post-stroke, post-polio, multiple sclerosis & cerebral palsy. Feel better! Decrease pain and tension.  Improve your posture, agility, and balance.